Traffic Accident Consulting, Investigation and
Accident Reconstruction in the following areas:
  • Vehicle vs Vehicle

  • Vehicle vs Pedestrian

  • Vehicle vs Motorcycle

  • Vehicle vs Object

  • Vehicle vs Commercial Truck

  • Vehicle Failures

  • Vehicle Inspections

  • DUI Traffic Collisions

  • Photographing Scenes

  • Photographing Vehicles

  • Videotaping Scenes 

  • Scaled Diagram of Scenes and Vehicles 

  • Vehicle Data

  • Crash Data Retrieval

  • Vehicle Crush Deformation Analysis

  • Scene Analysis

  • Sight Visibility issues

  • Coefficient of Friction Analysis

  • Report Review and Opinion

  • General Private Investigations

UnderRide Crash


Mad Hacker

We use state of the art computers and programs for Accident Reconstruction, including the latest techniques in computer graphics and video animation.

All scenes are drawn with Computer Aided Drafting. This allows us to provide you the most detailed information. With the use of CAD we are able to enlarge our drawings for court room display. Additionally this type of technology enhances our ability when it comes to video animation, time over distance and roadway components.

CAD Samples...