Chris A. Rathbun


Chris A. Rathbun has more than twenty-five years of law enforcement experience and education. He possesses specialized skills in the areas of traffic enforcement, accident investigation, and collision reconstruction. Because of his expertise, Chris is extremely experienced and proficient in all phases of accident reconstruction. His specialties include Commercial Vehicles, High Stability Rollovers, Restraint Systems, Interviewing, and Crash Data Retrieval.

In addition, Chris is a certified instructor in Driver Awareness, Radar Operation (NHTSA), Accident Investigation, Accident Reconstruction, and Motorcycle Operation. Chris currently teaches for two community colleges in the north state, in the topics of California Vehicle Code, Traffic Control, Vehicle Operations, Traffic Accident Investigation, and Traffic Enforcement.

Chris is also a certified California Licensed Private Investigator. Because of his knowledge and experience, Chris has been called upon many times to testify as a qualified expert in several criminal and civil proceedings around the north state.

Curriculum Vitae available upon request

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