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What Is a Composite Drawing?

A composite drawing is an artistic rendering showing a likeness or similarity of a person or object. A composite drawing is not considered a portrait of an individual; instead, it is a two-dimensional record of someone's memory. It is considered a tool of identification, elimination, and corroboration.

Some of the major uses of a composite drawing are to record the memory of a witness or victim. This drawing may then be recognized through other people leading to an identification of the suspect. It also helps in eliminating other suspects who do not resemble the composite. A drawing can strengthen a witness's statement. Also, during the time the drawing is being made, the witness may recall other valuable information for the investigator.

Composite drawings have included the faces of suspects, unidentified and/or decomposing bodies, reconstruction of skeletal remains, and age enhancements for missing children or known suspects.

Interestingly, a composite drawing is not restricted to pictures of people. A drawing can also include descriptions of weapons, jewelry, vehicles, tattoos, clothing, and artifacts.

Composite Art can then fall under the category of Forensic Art. Forensic Art is defined as any art that is used in conjunction with legal proceedings.

Art Education & Training:

During high school, Janet had a strong desire to become an artist. In 1971, she attended Oregon College of Art, with a full scholarship, in Commercial Art. Later Janet started a commercial art & sign business for the next thirteen years. She accomplished many styles of art, including portraits, designing logos, illustrations for local newspaper ads, business signs, and billboards. In 1995, Janet made a career change and accepted a position with the California Sheriffs Department. She is presently working there as a Court Officer and works as a free agent in forensic Art and illustrations. In the summer of 2002, Janet was accepted to attend the FBI. "Forensic Facial Imaging Course," in Quantico, Virginia.

Janet accepts both forensic Art and fine art commissions through her business.

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Anterior View of The Skull
Skull Module, California State University, Chico

Janet C. Hughes

Forensic Artist, Portraits & Illustrations